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Herb Burton

Steelhead, the west coast premier game fish, are also referred by Steelhead addicts as the Ghost of the Coast and are the ultimate challenge which attracts a rare breed of angler. These fishermen strangely find comfort in dealing with harsh elements and brief windows of opportunity, and are willing to accept few rewards. 

Teton products have become the number one choice for those wanting to put the odds in their favor. Superb performance and dependability are the insurance in knowing you have chosen the best. You will always be confident knowing that the simple free disc drag system is failproof. The solid bar stock construction is bullet proof and able to withstand the rigors of everyday use in the wet and the cold and even saltwater conditions. The outer rim design supports consistent spool line-up and rotation while permitting sensitive rim control and palming. Spools are counter balanced for smooth rotation, even at knuckle braking speeds, and are available in standard and large arbor designs. Brake settings are convenient and positive as there is no haunting slip or inconsistent setting. Whether it be fishing the Dean, Babine, Lewis, Umpqua, the Trinity, or your favorite Steelhead river, Teton Fly Reels are the preferred choice for those who recognize what it takes to accept the ultimate challenge.

Herb Burton, Trinity Fly Shop, Lewiston, CA

Rachel Finn

"No Matter what the fishing situation, Teton Reels will perform. The simple and effective drag design makes it the most reliable and durable reel on the market! High end performance and value for a modest price."

Rachel Finn, Guide
New York and Alaska


Jean Young

We have been in the guiding business here in Alaska for more than 21 years.  Our clients pay big bucks for the experience of taking a trophy rainbow or salmon. Over the years we have fished many different brand reels, but have to admit none better than your Teton.

Our guides expect top quality equipment-rods and reels they can depend on. There is no room for broken equipment or down time.  We will continue to endorse your fine reels, and recommend them to all out clients.

Keep up the excellent quality work, and if you are ever planning a trip to Alaska give us a call.

Jean Young, Owner & Guide
Bristol Bay Guiding & Booking
King Salmon, AK

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