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The new Trinity reel proudly introduced for 2001 has taken reel technology to the next level. The near perfect patented brake system which has made the line famous has been further enhanced in the new reel as it is welcomed to the Teton family. We are dedicated to the continuance of our quest for perfection.

The new Trinity brake system, while maintaining the basic components proven so successful on the Teton and Tioga, features an entirely new method of application. The tension being applied from the opposite side. This makes it much easier to hold the necessary tolerances on assembly, and uses less parts. We are happy to welcome it to the Teton family.

Teton has traditionally set the industry standard for supporting our products. Our files are swollen with letters praising the way we back up our products. Each reel comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

ModelWeightLineDiameterBackingSug. RetailSpool Price
24.6 ozWF-3 F2.65 in80yd 20# $140.00 $65.00
45.0 ozWF-5 F2.95 in100yd 20# $150.00 $70.00
65.5 ozWF-6 F3.20 in125yd 20# $160.00 $75.00
87.4 ozWF-8 F3.45 in230yd 20# $175.00 $85.00
108.0 ozWF-10 F3.70 in280yd 20# $185.00 $90.00
4LA5.1 ozWF-5 F2.95 in50yd 20# $150.00 $70.00
6LA6.1 ozWF-6 F3.20 in50yd 20# $160.00 $75.00
8LA8.0 ozWF-8 F3.45 in150yd 20# $175.00 $85.00
10LA8.7 ozWF-10 F3.70 in125yd 30# $185.00 $90.00

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