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The Tioga was created to fill the need for a popular priced, quality reel.  Like its older brother, the Teton, the Tioga is machined from a solid block of space age aluminum alloy.  It is anodized with a durable black finish to resist corrosion and abrasion, and utilizes the same patented drag system that has made the Teton a worldwide favorite.  The reel is engineered to take advantage of modern mass production technology enabling us to offer the Tioga at a popular price.  With more than two years of heavy use on the water, the Tioga has proven to have the same rugged reliability as our Teton model. 

Changing from right- to left-hand retrieve can be accomplished in seconds, as can changing option spare spools.  The Tioga is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater.  In saltwater, it is always advisable to thoroughly rinse the reel in warm, fresh wter to prevent the buildup of salt deposits.  An occasional drop of light oil applied to the spool bushing, and backing of the drag tension when not in use will also extend the life of your reels. 

The Tioga is available in six sizes to accommodate all fishing situations.  Extra and large arbor spools are also available as an option. 

ModelWeightLineDiameterBackingSug. RetailSpool Price
24.0 ozWF-3 F2.70 in80yd 20# $100.00 $45.00
44.6 ozWF-4 F2.95 in100yd 20# $110.00 $50.00
65.0 ozWF-6 F3.20 in150yd 20# $120.00 $55.00
86.6 ozWF-8 F3.45 in200yd 20# $130.00 $65.00
107.2 ozWF-10 F3.75 in225yd 30# $140.00 $70.00
128.9 ozWF-12 F4.25 in300yd 30# $160.00 $80.00
4LA5.1 ozWF-2-4 F2.95 in50-75yd 20# $110.00 $50.00
6LA5.5 ozWF-4-6 F3.25 in60-80yd 20# $120.00 $55.00
8LA7.1 ozWF-8 F3.45 in125yd 20 # $130.00 $65.00
10LA7.6 ozWF-8-10 F3.75 in100-150yd 30# $140.00 $70.00
12LA9.2 ozWF-12 F4.25 in150yd 30# $160.00 $80.00

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