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Simplicity, rugged durability and functional beauty, combined with an incredibly smooth patented drag system, have made Teton Reels the choice of guides, expert fly anglers and novices worldwide.

Proven in fresh and saltwater, the Teton has met the challenge of a wide variety of gamefish - from hard fighting tarpon and blistering-run bonefish, to the exiting range of fighters found in fresh-water streams, rivers, lakes and ponds everywhere.

One of the biggest benefits of the Teton line is its versatility.  With the option of interchangeable, large arbor spools, anglers can quickly adapt their set-up to a variety of conditions.  If the fish call for the capacity and faster retrieve of large arbor reel, simply snap one into place and continue fishing.

The patented Teton drag system (U.S. Pat. #5590847) consists of two discs, separated by a heat sink.  Friction is applied through the center on four different surfaces.  Tension is applied using a treated neoprene washer, which also acts as a shock absorber.  The two discs are different diameters, one 50% smaller than the other.  The friction surfaces are machined flat and parallel within .0002 of-an-inch.  the drag system has nine parts of which only one piece moves "one" moving part.  Another feature is an adjustable stripping tension,  independent of the main drag system, which can be adjusted by anyone.

All Teton Reels are anodized with Type-3 hard anodize.  Anodizing is a process that electrically changes the surface of aluminum to aluminum oxide - the hardest man-made substance.  After anodizing they are dyed and sealed.  The color has nothing to do with the anodizing.

Teton Does Saltwater!  The Teton Saltwater Series reels (Size #7 and up) are treated with a new, proprietary A059 Teflon coating process which will add 1000 more hours of saltwater protection over type-3 anodizing.  To insure the long life of our reels when used in a saltwater environment cleanse with freshwater and lubricate with a light household oil.

ModelWeightLineDiameterBackingSug. RetailSpool Price
33.5 ozWF-3 F2.50 in75yd 20# $175.00 $70.00
43.8 ozWF-4 F2.75 in85yd 20# $185.00 $75.00
54.1 ozWF-5 F3.00 in125yd 20# $195.00 $80.00
64.7 ozWF-6 F3.30 in150yd 20# $210.00 $85.00
76.4 ozWF-7 F3.50 in200yd 20# $220.00 $90.00
8-107.2 ozWF-8 F3.75 in250yd 20# $230.00 $110.00
9-117.6 ozWF-10 F4.00 in250yd 30# $240.00 $120.00
128.4 ozWF-12 F4.50 in450yd 30# $270.00 $125.00
3LA4.3 ozWF-2 F2.50 in30-50yd 20# $175.00 $70.00
4LA4.5 ozWF-3-4 F2.75 in50-75yd 20# $185.00 $75.00
5LA4.7 ozWF-5 F3.00 in60yd 20# $195.00 $80.00
6LA5.4 ozWF-6 F3.30 in80yd 20# $210.00 $85.00
7LA7.2 ozWF-7 F3.50 in150yd 20# $220.00 $90.00
8-10LA7.9 ozWF-8 F3.75 in175yd 20# $230.00 $110.00
9-11LA8.0 ozWF-10 F4.00 in175yd 30# $240.00 $120.00
12LA8.4 ozWF-12 F4.50 in300yd 30# $270.00 $125.00

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