What Makes Teton Fly Reels "BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE"
Spools and Frames Machined 
from Solid Bar Stock Aluminum

Fly reels machined from bar stock aluminum provide the maximum in strength and durability.  Using only premium aircraft grade aluminum alloy, Teton employs the latest computer numeric controlled machining technology.  Our reels are machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry for extremely smooth operation.


All Teton reels are anodized to provide the hardest and most durable finish possible on aluminum.  Anodizing also inhibits corrosion as it removes the conductivity of the metal.  With reasonable care, your Teton fly reels should maintain its beauty and function for generations.

Full Cage Construction

Often a fly fisherman's greatest fear is that his reel will meet an untimely demise against a rock, prematurely ending a days fishing.  Full frame construction, a feature on all Teton reels, ensures your reel will maintain its structural integrity even through a severe beating.  Our full cages have been designed to weigh no more than a comparably sized open cage reel.

Patented Disc Drag System

Teton's patented disc drag systems feature discs made of delrin, a superb material because o fits rugged durability and ability to disperse heat.  These qualities ensure your drag will perform flawlessly even through the longest run.  A neoprene washer incorporated in the drag design provides a shock absorbing effect to lessen the impact of the sudden taking of line when a fish initiates its run.

Sealed Components = Salt Water Durability

All disc drag components and clicker parts are sealed for protection against contaminates such as silt, grit, and salt water.  If your reel is exposed to dirt, just rinse if off and return to fishing.  After fishing in salt water rinse your reel in fresh water and you're ready for another day.

Interchangeable Regular and Large Arbor Spools

The Teton, Trinity and Tioga reels offer interchangeable regular and large arbor spools for most size reels.  This allows the angler to reap the benefit of large arbor technology without having to acquire more than one reel frame.

Lifetime Warranty

All Teton Fly Reels are backed by an unconditional guarantee to the original owner.

Steelhead, the west coast premier game fish, are also referred by Steelhead addicts as the Ghost of the Coast and are the ultimate challenge which attracts a rare breed of angler. These fishermen strangely find comfort in dealing with harsh elements and brief windows of opportunity, and are willing to accept few rewards. 

Teton products have become the number one choice for those wanting to put the odds in their favor. Superb performance and dependability are the insurance in knowing you have chosen the best. You will always be confident knowing that the simple free disc drag system is failproof. The solid bar stock construction is bullet proof and able to withstand the rigors of everyday use in the wet and the cold and even saltwater conditions. The outer rim design supports consistent spool line-up and rotation while permitting sensitive rim control and palming. Spools are counter balanced for smooth rotation, even at knuckle braking speeds, and are available in standard and large arbor designs. Brake settings are convenient and positive as there is no haunting slip or inconsistent setting. Whether it be fishing the Dean, Babine, Lewis, Umpqua, the Trinity, or your favorite Steelhead river, Teton Fly Reels are the preferred choice for those who recognize what it takes to accept the ultimate challenge.

Herb Burton, Trinity Fly Shop, Lewiston, CA

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